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Alfreda Jones-Roby

Vice - Chair of Education and Programming

Alfreda Jones-Roby is an author, speaker, life coach, CEO & Book Publisher. She has a passion for helping single, faith-based Christian women reach their fullest and highest potential while encouraging them to live their best life now.

As a life coach, she is known for helping women break through mind-limiting beliefs, navigate through past relationship issues, as well as how to attract their dream soulmate. Her debut book She Who Waits, (How to Patiently Wait on God for your Mate), helps women understand their true value and puts them on a path to wholeness. It has been used in the past as a part of programming for disadvantaged youth in the Michigan justice system as well as a valuable resource within the Michigan Department of Corrections for incarcerated women. She was also a contributing author to The Unstoppable Women of Purpose global book anthology.

Alfreda is passionate about helping others through ministry. She has received certifications in Theology and Biblical Counseling in addition to over 30+ years’ experience in corporate/government entities.
Alfreda is a powerhouse full of drive, knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. She is a creative thought-leader that uses her life experiences to help women identify their passions and pursue their dreams. As CEO & Founder of AJR Publishing & Enterprises, LLC. Alfreda uses her strong communication and leadership skills in helping women share their stories and transform their lives.

Today she personifies what it means to ascend above any barrier that has ever been set before her. Leadership development and building confidence in women is her ultimate passion with her soon to be released book “SHE CONFIDENCE!”- Becoming Your Most Confident Self!

She is anointed to help women see and navigate what they are unable to, naturally and spiritually.

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