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Billie Welchman

Systems and Data Manager

Billie Welchman enriches our organization with a wealth of experience, expertise, and a fervent dedication to fueling aspirations in the realm of small business entrepreneurship. With a unique background as a military spouse, she's mastered the art of adaptability and quick pivots, traits that have proven invaluable in both her corporate career and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Throughout her journey, Billie's commitment to process optimization has been evident. She has ingeniously crafted and enhanced programs and processes, benefiting government agencies and small businesses alike. Among her notable achievements, Billie spearheaded the development of a case management program for a government agency, a solution still in use today. Additionally, her ingenuity streamlined a laborious records management process, reducing it from a month-long endeavor to a mere week.

Beyond her corporate contributions, Billie's philanthropic spirit shines brightly. She co-founded a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for individuals with disabilities and their families. Through her guidance, the organization orchestrated impactful events that heightened awareness and raised essential funds.

Billie's mark in the small business landscape is not confined to achievements alone. Her generosity extends to fellow entrepreneurs, offering guidance ranging from business inception to navigating the complexities of government contracting. Her unwavering objective is to empower business owners to achieve More with less.

With a demeanor that is both inspiring and professional, Billie Welchman remains a driving force for growth, nurturing aspirations and fueling innovation within the realm of small business.

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