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Jaye Walker


Greetings! I'm Johninelle 'Jaye' Walker, the CEO behind The Posh Pen, where we weave moments into words and empower businesses to shine. I'm from Lafayette, Louisiana and I graduated from Dillard University with a degree in Psychology. After working 20+ years in my field, my gift of writing brought me over to the world of entrepreneurship.

Beyond my writing, I'm fueled by my dedication to uplifting women. As a part of the Global Business Women's Trailblazers, I'm honored to steer a path toward their brilliance. Being a part of the Executive Board for GBWT is a privilege I embrace.

My secret sauce lies in crafting words, but I also have a knack for inspiring women to conquer both personal and professional goals.

Among my milestones, publishing my motivational book, 'Growth In Words' is my top achievement, closely followed by birthing The Posh Pen. These accomplishments embody my self-belief and innate greatness. Join me in this transformative journey towards boundless horizons!

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