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Tonya Barge


Tonya Barge is a native of Jacksonville, FL. She graduated with honors, receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Florida and her Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law.

Mrs. Barge is a former prosecutor who has dedicated her career to seeking justice in both criminal and civil matters. Mrs. Barge spent the first decade of her legal career as a prosecutor, handling complex cases involving sexual battery, human trafficking, the online exploitation of children, homicides, and domestic violence offenses. During this time, she developed a reputation as a tough but fair prosecutor, known for her meticulous preparation and attention to detail.

After many years as a prosecutor, Mrs. Barge decided to transition to civil litigation, where she could use her trial experience to help individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of civil law. In her current role, Mrs. Barge practice area includes various civil matters, including contract disputes, real estate, and personal injury cases.

Mrs. Barge’s experience as a prosecutor gives her a unique perspective on civil litigation. She knows how to build a strong case, gather evidence, and present a compelling argument in court. Her background also means she is adept at handling high-stakes situations and making quick decisions under pressure.

Mrs. Barge is a skilled negotiator, always striving to find a resolution that is in the best interest of her clients. She is known for her ability to communicate complex legal concepts in a way that is easy for her clients to understand.

In addition to her work in the legal field, Mrs. Barge is an active member of her community. She volunteers by serving on the Board of Directors for three local nonprofit organizations. One of those organizations supports crime victims and promotes access to justice for victims. She also volunteers as a mentor for future lawyers and lawyers new to the practice of law.

When she's not working, Tonya enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and cooking. She also loves to garden and travel to new destinations to experience different cultures and cuisines.

Tonya Barge is a seasoned legal professional with over 50 jury trials who has successfully transitioned from criminal to civil law. Her years of experience as a prosecutor have given her a unique perspective on litigation, and her dedication to justice and fairness make her a valuable asset to her clients.

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